Intranet Services

The Law School provides a secure, intranet-based home page (MyLaw) which includes linked lists of courses as well as links to committee and other intranet sub-sites.  This portal uses the Microsoft SharePoint software which interfaces with other Microsoft applications including Word, Excel and PowerPoint.  Such interactivity is particularly useful to committees who have a need for collaborative document editing with version control mechanisms.  Committee team sites on MyLaw also include such features as task lists, calendars, discussion boards, document libraries, and announcement posting.

MyLaw Login

In order to view material on MyLaw you will need to open the link in Internet Explorer. 

To access Mylaw:

A login box will popup, use your Law School computer login.  Please contact Web Services (  if you are experiencing difficulty in logging into MyLaw

If you are trying to login outside the law school, you will need to add the “SOL\”prefix to your username. i.e. SOL\username.

MyLaw Page

After you have logged in, your home page will show on the screen.  The page appearing will depend on which category you are placed in, faculty, staff or student.  The information listed on the page is for your benefit.  A tutorial explaining the various sections is available on your MyLaw page.

  • Student Page -  current course list, course information and student services
  • Staff Page - templates, documents, calendar, forms, course list
  • Faculty Page - Instructor Resources, library links, forms, course list

The Web Services team is always available to assist with questions and can be contacted at the address given below for any assistance in maintaining information on the Intranet.