Transnational Law Program (TLP)

In 2008, Washington University School of Law launched the Transnational Law Program (TLP), a first-of-its-kind offering for students in both the United States and Europe. This four-year combined degree program expands upon the law school’s long-standing partnership with Utrecht University in The Netherlands and includes three other leading European law faculty: Queen’s University Belfast, University of Trento in Italy, and Catholic University of Portugal.

The TLP allows U.S. students to study at both Washington University School of Law and at one of the four partner universities. Students spend five semesters in St. Louis acquiring a solid foundation in U.S. law with an emphasis on international and transnational law from an American perspective before undertaking three semesters abroad acquiring an appreciation for European law and enhancing their understanding of international and transnational law. Upon completion, U.S. graduates earn a J.D. from Washington University and an LL.M. from one of the European partner schools. European participants pursue a complementary course of study; after earning their degree from their home European university, they enter the LL.M. Program at Washington University. 

Unlike traditional international dual degree programs, Washington University’s Transnational Law Program offers:

  • a targeted, integrated curriculum developed with partner institutions;
  • internships with U.S. and European corporations, law firms, courts, enforcement and administrative agencies, and non-governmental organizations;
  • ongoing faculty exchanges among the participating schools;
  • related courses co-taught by partner university and Washington University faculty;
  • extended study abroad;
  • two law degrees;

Through this international and inter-university effort, the TLP seeks to identify and educate the first generation of truly transnational lawyers and professionals.

For more information contact: Professor of Practice, Associate Dean for International and Graduate Programs, Mike Koby,