Women's Law Caucus

The Women’s Law Caucus was founded in 1972, and is consistently one of the largest and most active student run organizations in the Law School.  The organization strives to foster relationships between law students, the faculty and community at large, while emphasizing the development and achievements of women in the field of law.  Through public service with women, children, and community organizations and outreach to leading women lawyers and academics, our members build a foundation for their futures in law, while gaining valuable skills, experiences and relationships that will help them succeed in any arena. Click here for more information about Volunteer Opportunities

Our goal is to inspire the men and women in the law school community to break gender-based barriers.  The value of the organization lies in the diverse backgrounds and experiences of its members.  We seek to foster a stimulating and supportive environment where members can equally contribute to, and share in, this resource. 

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