Volume 40 (2012)

Washington University Journal of Law & Policy

Liddell Is Forty: Commemorating the Desegregation Movement in St. Louis, and A Look at the Future of Urban Education 

Minnie Liddell's Forty-Year Quest for Quality Public Education Remains a Dream Deferred
by Kimberly Jade Norwood
40 WASH. U. J.L. & POL'Y 1 (2012)

Ghetto Education
by Sarah Jane Forman
40 WASH. U. J.L. & POL'Y 67 (2012)

From the Failure of Desegregation to the Failure of Choice
by Wendy Parker
40 WASH. U. J.L. & POL'Y 117 (2012)

From Louisville to Liddell: Schools, Rhetorical Neutrality, and the Post-Racial Equal Protection Clause
by Cedric Merlin Powell
40 WASH. U. J.L. & POL'Y 153 (2012)

Are We Really Racing to the Top or Leaving Behind the Bottom? Challenging Conventional Wisdom and Dismantling Institutional Repression
by Maurice R. Dyson
40 WASH. U. J.L. & POL'Y 181 (2012)


Cyber Risk: How the 2011 Sony Data Breach and the Need for Cyber Risk Insurance Policies Should Direct the Federal Response to Rising Data Breaches
by Lance Bonner
40 WASH. U. J.L. & POL'Y 257 (2012)

Correction through Omniscience: Electronic Monitoring and the Escalation of Crime Control
by Molly Carney
40 WASH. U. J.L. & POL'Y 279 (2012)

Lacrosse Players, Not Terrorists: The Effects of the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative on Native American International Travel and Sovereignty
by Brian Kolva
40 WASH. U. J.L. & POL'Y 307 (2012)

The Race to Get In, and the Struggle to Get Out: The Problem of Inter-Generational Poverty in Federal Housing Programs
by Matthew Shin
40 WASH. U. J.L. & POL'Y 337 (2012)


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