Volume 34 (2010)

Washington University Journal of Law & Policy

New Directions in ADR and Clinical Legal Education

by Karen Tokarz and Annette Ruth Appell
34 WASH. U. J.L. & POL'Y 1 (2010) 

Four Ways of Looking at a Lawsuit: How Lawyers Can Use the Cognitive Frameworks of Mediation
by Jonathan M. Hyman
34 WASH. U. J.L. & POL'Y 11 (2010)

Implicit Bias and the Illusion of Mediator Neutrality
by Carol Izumi
34 WASH. U. J.L. & POL'Y 71 (2010)

Lawyering at the Intersection of Mediation and Community Economic Development: Interweaving Inclusive Legal Problem Solving Skills in the Training of Effective Lawyers
by Beryl Blaustone and Carmen Huertas-Noble
34 WASH. U. J.L. & POL'Y 157 (2010) 

Lawyering and Learning in Problem-Solving Courts 
by Paul Holland
34 WASH. U. J.L. & POL'Y 185 (2010) 

Assisting Indigent Families in Conflict: A Pro Bono Test Drive for a Family Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Clinic
by Kimberly C. Emery
34 WASH. U. J.L. & POL'Y 239 (2010)

Why No Clinic Is an Island: The Merits and Challenges of Integrating Clinical Insights Across the Law Curriculum
by Jeff Giddings
34 WASH. U. J.L. & POL'Y 261 (2010)


The Revival of American Labor Law
by Wilma B. Liebman
34WASH. U. J.L. & POL'Y 291 (2010)


Class-Based Affirmative Action: Creating a New Model of Diversity in Higher Education
by Neil Goldsmith
34 WASH. U. J.L. & POL'Y 313 (2010)

If It's Constitutional, Then What's the Problem?: The Use of Judicial Override in Alabama Death Sentencing
by Shannon Heery
34 WASH. U. J.L. & POL'Y 347 (2010)

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