Welcome! The Journal of Law & Policy, formerly the Journal of Urban & Contemporary Law, and The Urban Law Annual, continues to make significant scholarly contributions to the legal community. In the recent past, the Journal has published articles by noted scholars including Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg (Volume 7), Erwin Chemerinsky (Volumes 1 and16), Ralph Nader (Volume 1),and Martha Minow (Volume 16). We are excited to share our accomplishments with you and to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

Giving to the Journal

The Journal’s editorial board is constantly endeavoring to improve the quality and reputation of the publication. Though Washington University School of Law provides funds to cover printing and basic operating expenses, it does not supply extra monies to improve our facilities or expand our marketing efforts. As such, we look to you, our alumni, to help us improve the publication into which you invested so much time and energy.

Specifically, we would like to purchase a computer and new furniture for the Journal office. Additionally, we would like to develop a marketing budget with which we could build a subscriber base to ensure the longevity of the publication. Finally, we hope to use the marketing budget to escalate the Journal’s reputation; the true measure of any law review is the number of times it is cited by courts. Since becoming the Journal of Law & Policy in 1999, the Journal has been cited more than 25 times by Federal Circuit Courts. In furtherance of this effort, we hope to send complimentary copies of the Journal to legal practitioners and judges dealing with important issues discussed in one of our volumes.

If you are interested in giving to the Journal, you can do so via check or credit card. Please contact the publication office for more information. Gifts exceeding $100 will receive a one year subscription to the Journal.

Advisory Council

John Birath, Jr. Kames R. Keller Michael Roskiewicz
Joel O. Christensen Megan M. Kokontis Jeffrey A. Schwartz
Caldwell Collins David C. Knieriem Elizabeth Siemer
Dana Contratto Heather Lea Stephen W. Tountas
Susan E. Dove Katherine M. Lieb Stephen Trichka
Molly Eastman Douglas Lind Richard R. Vouga
Gary H. Feder Michael J. Mano Thomas M. Walsh
Sean Finley James A. Martell Dale A. Werts
Renee M. Friedman Ian H. Morrison Nicholas H. Weil
Alexis Gorton Tracey Ohm Kyle R. Williams
Barbara J. Harris Thomas M. Pavelko  
Gannon Johnson Rodney Perry