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Volume 8

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Symposium on Intellectual Property, Digital Technology & Electronic Commerce      


Charles R. McManis   1
Digital Copyright and Database Protection

The DMCA’s Anti-Device Provisions: Impeding the Progress of the Useful Arts?      

Craig Allen Nard  19

Database Protection—The European Way

F.W. Grosheide 39
Property versus Misappropriation: Legal Protection 
for Databases in Korea
Sang Jo Jong
Junu Park
The Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act and Electronic Commerce
Licensing in the Contemporary Information Economy     
Raymond T. Nimmer 99
Recognizing Usages of Trade: A Case Study  from Electronic Commerce
David McGowan 167
Balancing Issues and Overlapping Jurisdictions in the Global Electronic Marketplace: The UCITA Example
Catherine L. Mann 215
When Your Refrigerator Orders Groceries Online and Your Car Dials 911 After an Accident: Do We Really Need New Law for the World of Smart Goods?
Jean Braucher 241
Business Method Patents and Bioinformatics
The Unblazed Trail: Bioinformatics and the Protection of Genetic Knowledge
Lawrence M. Sung, Ph.D.   261
Searching for Economic Balance in Business Method Patents
Keith E. Maskus
Eina Vivian Wong
Business Method Patents and Patent Floods
Michael J. Meurer 309


Mental Disabilities Under the ADA: The Role of Employees and Employers in the Interactive Process
Amy Renee Brown 341
Internal Revenue Code Section 198, The Tax Incentive for Brownfield Redevelopment: A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing
Kashif Haque  371
Will the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act Create More Problems than it Solves?
Natalia Ramirez 395
Prisoners Seeking Monetary Relief for Civil Rights Claims: Must They Exhaust Administrative Remedies Under § 1997e Before Filing a Claim in Federal Court?
Tracy M. Sullivan 419
The Quality Health-Care Coalition Act of 1999: Should Congress Broaden Antitrust Exemptions?
Ingrid Winfrey 445
Reprinted Note

Relief for the Poorest of All: How the Proposed Bankruptcy Reform Would Impact Women and Children

Ame C. Wellman 471

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