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Volume 6

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Table of Contents

The Institute for Global Legal Studies Inaugural Colloquium:

The UN and the Protection of Human Rights


The Corporate Conception of the State and the Origins of Limited Constitutional Government       Eric Enlow   1

Judicial Activism: The Indian Experience    

S.P. Sathe  29

Temporary Protection in Europe After 1990: The “Right to Remain” of Genuine Convention Refugees

Davor Sopf 109


Legal Education: A Perspective on the Last 130 Years of American Legal Training

Dorsey D. Ellis, Jr.  157

Fighting the Appearance of Corruption

Ronald M. Levin  171

Lemma Barkeloo and Phoebe Couzins: Among the Nation’s First Women Lawyers and Law School Graduates

Karen Tokarz 181

From the Lemma Barkeloo and Phoebe Couzins Era to the New Millennium: 130 Years of Family Law

Susan Frelich Appleton 189

The Changing Nature of Federal Regulation

Joel Seligman 205

The Human Side of Commercial Law

Daniel Keating 213


When Reliable is Reliable Enough: The Use of Expert Testimony After Kumho Tire v. Carmichael

John Hein 223
Problems with Relocations: Is the Fifth Amendment a Possible Solution? Kendra R. Howard 251
Relief for the Poorest of All: How the Proposed Bankruptcy Reform Would Impact Women and Children Ame Wellman 273
State Tax Credits for Private Start-Up Capital: Arching Toward Urban “Entrepreneurial Redevelopment” Kyle R. Williams 299

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