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Volume 5

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Table of Contents

The Institute for Global Legal Studies Inaugural Colloquium:

The UN and the Protection of Human Rights




Stephen H. Legomsky  7

Ups and Downs in UN History   

 Richard C. Hottelet 17

Global Governments and Democratization      

John B. Anderson 27

Appraising UN Justice-Related Fact-Finding Missions  

M. Cherif Bassiouni  35

When, If Ever, May States Deploy Military Force Without Prior Security Council Authorization?     

Thomas M. Franck  51

United Nations Peacekeeping Operations and the Use of Force      

Ruth Wedgwood 69

The International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia Comes of Age: Some Observations on Day-To-Day Dilemmas of an International Court   

 Patricia M. Wald 87

The Role of the United Nations in the Prosecution of International War Criminals     

Richard J. Goldstone 119

The Evolution of the International Refugee Protection Regime     

Erika Feller 129

The Global Challenge of Internal Displacement    

Francis Mading Deng 141

Human Rights of Women     

Aída González Martínez 157

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