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Volume 16


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Access to Justice:
The Social Responsibility of Lawyers 

Introduction Karen Tokarz   1

Surprising Legacies of Brown v. Board

Martha Minow 11

From Brown to Grutter: The Legal Struggle for Race Equality

Theodore M. Shaw 43
A Conversation with Judge Harry T. Edwards 61
Clients as Teachers Jane Harris Aiken 81


Introduction Theodore W. Ruger 89
Real Discrimination? Erwin Chemerinsky 97
State Judges as Guardians of Federalism: Resisting the Federal Arbitration Act's Encroachment on State Law David S. Schwartz 129
Explaining the Original Understanding of Lopez to the Framers: Or, The Framers Spoke Like Us, Didn't They? Conrad J. Weiler, Jr. 163
Unusual Punishment: The Federal Death Penalty in the United States John Brigham 195
Asbestos Litigation in Madison County, Illinois: The Challenge Ahead Victor E. Schwartz
Mark A. Behrens
Kimberly D. Sandner
Contemporary Visions of the Early Federalist Ideology of James Madison: An Analysis of the United States Supreme Court's Treatment of The Federalist No. 39 Michael J. Mano 257
Building a Statutory Shelter for Victims of Domestic Violence: The United States Housing Act and Violence Against Women Act in Collaboration Elizabeth J .Thomas 289
Commercial Speech Doctrine Knocked Out of Boxing Advertising: The Destructive Effect of Adams v. Nevada Athletic Commission on First Amendment Limitation Christopher T. Feldmeir 313
Recent Development
WARNING! EVOLUTION LIES WITHIN: Preserving Academic Freedom in the Classroom with Secular Evolution Disclaimers David J. Hacker 333

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