Configure Outlook using Setup Wizard


Make SURE you are using Outlook 2003.  In Outlook, click on Help and About Outlook.  If you do not have Outlook 2003, these instructions WILL NOT work.


Have you installed Service Pack 2 yet?  If not, you must do this before you can setup Outlook. Install SP2 by going to Windows Update.


If you are not sure if you have Service Pak 2 | Click Start | Run | type Winver | enter.  It will say Service Pak 2.  If it does not, stop now and do your Windows Updates.  Depending on the speed of your internet connection, this could take a while, several hours with a dial-up modem.

Computer Support Services will not support any machine, without Service Pack 2 installed.

Go to your Control Panel.  (If it says Switch To Classic View in the upper right hand corner, do so now).  Make sure Outlook is CLOSED.



1. Double-click the Mail icon. You may need to double-click the User Accounts  icon before you see the Mail icon



2. Click Show Profiles



3. Click Add and give the Profile a name.  Click Ok and Ok again.



4. Now the Email Accounts box should pop up.  Add new e-mail account and click next  Note: If Email Accounts Box does not popup, go back and double click the Mail Icon in Control panel.  Click E-Mail Accounts...




5. Select Microsoft Exchange Server, click Next.



6. Enter for Microsoft Exchange Server. Put a check in the box titled Use Cached Exchange Mode. Enter your username. DO NOT CLICK CHECK NAME YET.  Click More Settings.



7. Click the Connection tab.  Check the box titled Connect to my Exchange mailbox using HTTP. Click Exchange Proxy SettingsNote: If you do not see this box, then you didn't install the necessary hotfix.




8. In the Use this URL to connect to my proxy server for Exchange: https://  enter:   Check the box On fast network, connect using etc...  Select Basic Authentication from the Proxy authentication settings drop down list.  Click OK, and click OK again.



9. Click Next.



10. Click Finish.



10. Click the Always Use This Profile box.  Click the drop-down box and select the name you just created in step 3.  Click Ok.



You may be prompted to logon. Enter SOL\username.  For example, if your username was smith, you would enter SOL\smith and enter your password.  If you are not prompted, open Outlook 2003 and enter sol/username and password.