Computer Lab Information



User Rights and Responsibilities

"Keep in mind: technology changes happen vertiginously nowadays.  Operating systems, applications and software packages fail without warning. Make sure that you always keep 'at least' one backup copy of your data (as you're working). Users of any "WashU" computer facility do so at their own risk"

The Student Computer Labs are available to Washington University School of Law students only. Students should have their ID cards if they want to use Computer Lab facilities.

Neither Washington University nor any member of its staff can or will be held responsible for any viral outbreaks affecting any of the students laptops or documents on the lab PC's.  Furthermore, if a students laptop is infected, that student may elect to retain the services of one of the PC Support personnel to clean and repair the students laptop.  Note: This service will be rendered at the PC Support staffs discretion after hours and for a standard fee. 

Drinks, food and tobacco are not permitted in the computer lab.

If you are experiencing any troubles associated with hardware/software failure, please do not attempt to fix the problem yourself. Report them to the computer assistant, lab supervisor or computer support staff - whomever is available.

Most of the software available in the computing labs is copyright protected. It is student's own responsibility to follow the federal copyright law.

Additionally students, may not download software on the hard drives if they are unaware of the copyrights for a particular software by the School of Law.

Students may save their personal files on the hard drives. However, the Computer Lab does not carry responsibilities for storing this information. Students should rather, save their personal files on floppy disks or on their network volume.