Norms and the Law Agenda




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Thursday, March 29 -  6:30 p.m. - Noonday Club

Welcome dinner - Speakers, Discussants, Faculty
Keynote Address presented by:   Amartya Sen  - Normative Evaluation and Legal Analogues 

Friday, March 30  

8:15 - 8:45 a.m. - Continental Breakfast - School of Law - Room 404 

9-10 a.m. - Bryan Cave Moot Courtroom -"Cognition and Complexity" (Submitted at earlier conference)

View Video - Introduction - Dean Joel Seligman - Professor John Drobak
View Video - Arthur T. Denzau

Introduction and Closing
View Video - Richard McAdams

View Video - Randy Calvert

Papers presented by:
View Video- Douglass North -Law and Social Science in a World of Uncertainty
View Video- Cass Sunstein -Damages, Norms, and Punishment
View Video - Lynn Stout  -Other-Regarding Preferences and Social Norms
View video- Pauline Kim - (Washington University) - Remarks 

10:15-11:15 a.m. - BCM Courtroom -  Reply by Authors 

11:30-12:30 - BCM Courtroom
View Video - Discussions  

12:30-2 p.m. - Whittemore House Lunch - Whittemore House on Washington University Campus

2-3 p.m. - Bryan Cave Moot Courtroom - "Norms of the Judiciary" (Submitted at earlier conference)

Papers presented by:
View Video- John Ferejohn and
View Video- Larry Kramer -Independent Judges, Dependent Judiciary: Institutionalizing Judicial Restraint
View Video- Lawrence Friedman  -Judging the Judges: Some Remarks on the Way Judges Think and the Way Judges Do
View Video- Kathryn Abrams -Interrogating Interdependence: Judging and Ascriptive Group Identity 

View Video- Harry T. Edwards - Judge - D.C. Circuit -Judicial Norms: A Judge's Perspectives
View Video- William Eskridge - Yale University
View Video- Lee Epstein -Washington University

3:15-4:15 - BCM Courtroom - Reply by Authors 

4:30-5:30 p.m. - BCM Courtroom 
View Video - Discussions
View Video - Ribbon Cutting Ceremony 

6:30 p.m. - Missouri History Museum Banquet at Missouri History Museum in Forest Park

Saturday, March 31 

8:15-8:45 a.m. - Student Commons Continental Breakfast - School of Law - 3rd Floor

9-10 a.m. - Bryan Cave Moot Courtroom -Norms of the Commons" (submitted at earlier conference)

Papers presented by:
View Video - Elinor Ostrom -What do People Bring Into the Game? How Norms Help Overcome the Tragedy of the Commons?
View Video- Lawrence Lessig -Commons
View Video- Robert Ellickson -The Law and Economics of the Household 

View Video - R.H. Helmholz - University of Chicago
View Video- Michael Heller - Michigan
View Video- Robert  Pollack - W.U. Economics
View Video - Stuart Banner - Washington University

10:15-11:15 a.m. -BCM Courtroom - Reply by Authors

11:30-12:30 - BCM Courtroom
View Video - Discussions                                        

12:30-2 p.m.
Student Commons Lunch - School of Law - Student Commons - 3rd Floor

2-4 p.m. - BCM Courtroom
Address by Amartya Sen  followed by Open Discussion - Click here for Address 

View Video - Introduction of Dean Khinduka - Chancellor Wrighton
View Video - Introduction of Amartya Sen - Dean Khinduka
View Video - Keynote Address (Digital Video) - Amartya Sen
View Video - Keynote Address (VHS) - Amartya Sen
View Video - Question and Answer Session - Amartya Sen

4 p.m.Open Cocktail Reception
Janite Lee Reading Room - 4th Floor - School of Law