Questions to Ask

You may think you have researched well, interviewed well, and have no more questions.  However, to the interviewer, no questions means you are not interested. Do NOT ask questions which are clearly answered in the firm web site or recruiting materials.

Examples of Questions For You to Ask (assuming answers were not already in the available materials):

  • What type of training do you have for new attorneys?
  • What level of client contact do associates have?
  • Do you allow/require new associates to rotate through several departments?
  • What do you wish you had asked when you were interviewing as a law student?
  • What made you choose this firm / employer?
  • Were you a summer associate here?
  • What would you say distinguished your firm from others of like size in this city?
  • How did you choose your practice area? Your firm?
  • What do you like most / least about your job?
  • If there is one class you would tell every law student to take, what would it be?
  • How would you describe the personality of the firm / atmosphere of the office?
  • What's the most interesting case / deal you have worked on?
  • What is a typical day like for you?
  • What do you find most challenging as a lawyer?
  • Who will assign my work?
  • Any questions about salary, hours billable requirements until you get an offer.
  • Any personal questions about the attorney or his or her family (other than commenting on how cute his kids are in a picture or asking how she liked Cornell for undergrad based upon her diploma on the wall). Do NOT ask: What does your spouse think of your job at the firm?
  • Questions which put the attorney on the spot: i.e.: "Why did 4 associates leave your practice area in the past year?"