Volume 8, Number 4 (2009)

 Washington University Global Studies Law Review


World Peace Through Justice Award Lecture
By Justice Richard J. Goldstone
8 WASH. U. GLOBAL STUD. L. REV. 619 (2009)

Suspected Terrorists' Rights Between the Fragmentation and Merger of Legal Orders: Reflections in the Margin of the Kadi ECJ Appeal Judgment
By Carmen Draghici
8 WASH. U. GLOBAL STUD. L. REV. 627 (2009)

Some Observations About Jewish Law in Israel's Supreme Court
By Steven F. Friedell
8 WASH. U. GLOBAL STUD. L. REV. 659 (2009)


Drug Smuggling on the High Seas: Using International Legal Principles to Establish Jurisdiction Over the Illicit Narcotics Trade and the Ninth Circuit's Unnecessary Nexus Requirements
By Charles R. Fritch
8 WASH. U. GLOBAL STUD. L. REV. 701 (2009)

Calling the Boss or Calling the Press: A Comparison of British and American Responses to Internal and External Whistleblowing 
By Jenny Mendelsohn
8 WASH. U. GLOBAL STUD. L. REV.  723 (2009)

U.S. Foreign Aid Reform: Changing Institutional Problems in Order to Meet Modern Day Needs
By Stephen J. Wiese
8 WASH. U. GLOBAL STUD. L. REV.  747 (2009) 

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