Volume 2, Number 1 (2003)

Washington University Global Studies Law Review

Festschrift in Honor of Professor William C. Jones


The Study of Chinese Law in the United States: Reflections on the Past and Concerns About the Future 
by Stanley Lubman
2 WASH. U. GLOBAL STUD. L. REV. 1 (2003)
The X-Files: Past and Present Portrayals of China’s Alien “Legal System”
by Randall Peerenboom
2 WASH. U. GLOBAL STUD. L. REV. 37 (2003)
China’s Legal System and the WTO: Prospects for Compliance     
by Donald C. Clarke
2 WASH. U. GLOBAL STUD. L. REV. 97 (2003)
Globalization and Economic Regulation in China: Selective Adaptation of Globalized Norms and Practices
by Pitman B. Potter
2 WASH. U. GLOBAL STUD. L. REV. 119 (2003)
The Dark Side of Trusts: Challenges to Chinese Inheritance Law     
by Frances H. Foster
2 WASH. U. GLOBAL STUD. L. REV. 152 (2003)

Qing Chine and the Legal Treatment of Mental Infirmity: A Preliminary Sketch in Tribute to Professor William C. Jones
by William P. Alford and Chien-Chang Wu
2 WASH. U. GLOBAL STUD. L. REV. 187 (2003)
How I Got the Story (And Why it Took So Long): Legal History Research In China
by Alison W. Conner
2 WASH. U. GLOBAL STUD. L. REV. 193 (2003)
The Bush Foreign Policy 2001-2003: Unilateralist Theory in a Multilateral World, and the Opportunity for Change Offered by Iraq
by Michael J. Kelly
2 WASH. U. GLOBAL STUD. L. REV. 221 (2003)
Re-Introducing Lay Participation to Japanese Criminal Cases: An Awkward Yet Necessary Step 
by Joseph J. Kodner
2 WASH. U. GLOBAL STUD. L. REV. 231 (2003)
Why Toss Out the Baby with the Bath Water? Saving the Uncitral Model Law on Cross-Border Insolvency from the Perpetually-Stalled Bankruptcy Reform Act
by Gil Hopenstand
2 WASH. U. GLOBAL STUD. L. REV. 255 (2003)
Application of U.S. Status of Forces Agreements to Article 98 of the Rome Statute
by Erik Rosenfeld
2 WASH. U. GLOBAL STUD. L. REV. 273 (2003)
A New Remedy Stresses the Need for International Education: The Impact of the Lagrand Case on a Domestic Court's Violation of a Foreign National's Consular Relations Rights Under the Vienna Convention
by Jeremy White
2 WASH. U. GLOBAL STUD. L. REV. 295 (2003)

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