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Volume 12

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Access to Justice:  
The Social Responsibility of Lawyers
Reflections on Key Issues of the Professional Responsibilities of Corporate Lawyers in the Twenty-First Century Hon. E. Norman Veasey   1

The value of Diversity:  What the Legal Profession Must Do to Stay Ahead of the Curve

Dennis W. Archer 25

Social Change, Judicial Activism, and the Public Interest Lawyer

Hon.Thelton Henderson 33
Equal Justice Under Law:  Connecting Principle to Practice Deborah L. Rhode 47
Access to Justice for Battered Women Mary Becker 63
Homeland Defense:  Another Nail in the Coffin for Posse Comitatus Nathan Canestaro 99
The Deconstruction of Landowner Liability in Missouri:  Errant Interpretations of Matteuzzi v. Columbus Partnership John H. Bornhofen 145
Premarket Notice Concerning Bioengineered Foods:  A Proposed Regulation Satisfying Some of the Players, Some of the Time Christine Cochran 173
A World Wide Problem on the World Wide Web:  International Responses to Transnational Identity Theft via the Internet Erin Suzzanne Davis 201
Comparative Constitutional Analysis:  Should the United States Supreme Court Join the Dialogue? Cody Moon 229

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