Office of the Law School Registrar
Assignments - Spring 2002

Landlord-Tenant Seminar
Professor David Becker

Course Description


l. Your principal assignment for this seminar requires the preparation of a paper of publishable quality involving extensive research. This paper should reflect a thoughtful and exhaustive study of some aspect of landlord-tenant law.

2. Seminar topics will be formulated and selected by each student with approval of the instructor.

3. Several individual conferences will be held at the request of the instructor and additional conferences may be initiated by a student at any time. There is no limit on the number of conferences you may have.

4. The seminar grade will be predicated primarily on the original and revised drafts of your paper. The original draft will be weighted at 75 percent of your final grade. In addition to the original and revised drafts, there will be several intermediate assignments. Each assignment and conference must be met by a scheduled date. A significant delay in meeting any deadline will affect a final grade or, if egregious, it could result in dismissal from the seminar.

5. Please note carefully that the first meeting of this seminar occurs during the Fall Semester and that the selection of a topic -- and the research necessary to accomplish this -- must occur before the Spring Semester commences.

6. Schedule of assignments and conferences.

a. October 19, 2001 (Friday). Joint meeting at 3:00 p.m., Room 201.

b. January 7, 2002 (Monday - Before 9:30 a.m.). Each student must select a seminar topic by this date and must have begun research. Additionally, each student must submit a memorandum describing the topic to be studied. Further, this memorandum must briefly describe the problem areas encountered and to be considered in researching the selected seminar topic. Selection of the problem does, of course, require a determination of viability. And this determination cannot be made without preliminary research respecting cases, statutes, books, articles, etc.

c. January 7th-9th (Monday-Wednesday). Individual conferences. A conference "sign-up sheet" will be posted outside my office during the week previous to each scheduled conference.

d. January 21st (Monday - Before 9:30 a.m.). Each student must submit a memorandum outlining the contents of the proposed seminar paper.

e. January 21st-23rd (Monday-Wednesday). Individual conferences.

f. February 4th (Monday - Before 9:30 a.m.). Each student must submit a "Mini-Paper"; a discussion in final form of some problem area to be covered in the full scale draft.

g. February 4th-6th (Monday-Wednesday). Individual conferences.

h. February 25th (Monday - Before 9:30 a.m.). Each student must submit an original draft of the full seminar paper.

i. April 15th (Monday). By this date -- but probably well before this date -- all original drafts should be returned and individual conferences held. Seminar papers will be reviewed in the order received. Each paper will be returned and a conference held immediately after such paper has been reviewed. Each individual conference should last no longer than two hours.

j. May 1st (Wednesday - Before 9:30 a.m.). Each student must submit a revised draft of the seminar paper.

7. Changes in these policies and deadlines are not anticipated. If made, however, they will be posted with adequate notice.

8. Please note -- each written assignment is due on the stated day BEFORE 9:30 a.m. Additionally, sign-up sheets for required conferences will be posted outside my office during the week previous to the conference. Students should not delay in selecting a conference time.

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