Children & Family Advocacy Clinic

Faculty: Annette Appell (Director)

The Children & Family Advocacy Clinic (CFAC), formerly known as the “Civil Justice Clinic: Children and Family Defense Project,” is one of several "live client" representation clinics housed within Washington University Law School’s clinical suite. The CFAC’s core practice areas are in juvenile and family courts and related hearings in metropolitan St. Louis. Thus the CFAC will expose students to a range of family matters such as child protection, domestic violence, paternity, custody, termination of parental rights and guardianship.
CFAC students perform as lead counsel on children and family law matters, which will likely expose students to many, if not all, of the following skills and experiences:

  • interviewing and counseling clients; 
  • interviewing witnesses; 
  • drafting pleadings; 
  • writing reports, memos and briefs;
  • negotiating; 
  • applied legal research; 
  • court-room advocacy;
  • strategic planning; and 
  • law reform

Consistent with CFAC’s commitment to holistic representation and to the improvement of justice for economically disadvantaged children and families, CFAC students may perform advocacy regarding a variety matters, including paternity, custody, guardianship, kinship care, domestic violence, termination of parental rights, and adoption in trial and appellate courts, as well as, administrative and legislative fora. Thus student attorneys enrolled in the CFAC may represent children, parents, or other kin in matters involving child abuse and neglect, guardianship, paternity, custody, and domestic violence. CFAC faculty and students may also work on legislative and other policy matters.

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