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ChinaLaw Information Service at Peking University

Chinalawinfo, a subsidiary of Peking University Law School,  is one the most comprehensive Chinese legal information providers on the Internet. The Laws and Regulations Database is the core service of Chinalawinfo and is the largest one that contains the most comprehensive Chinese legal documents. The searching engine of this database is the most advanced and sophisticated one among Chinese legal websites. It allows key word search in title field and full text of documents. Under the Advanced Searching [Gaoji Jiansuo] sub-system, you could use the pull-down menus to limit your search by  category of laws, promulgation/approval agency, and promulgation dates. Hypertext links are embedded in documents under each articles to link related laws and regulations,cases, and other legal documents together.

The English Version of ChinaLaw Information Service at Peking University

By July 2004, this website had more than 3,000 Chinese laws and regulations translated into English. It is by far the world's largest English database of Chinese laws, regulations, and cases. There are many freebies which includes some English translations of Chinese laws and regulations, full text of the Chinese government's White papers, the table of contents of the Gazettes of the NPC, the State Council, the Supreme Court, and the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, and an index to four major Chinese legal periodicals. The annual subscription fee is only US$650.

ChinaLaw List

ChinaLaw List used to be called Chinese Law Net. This is an electronic discussion group devoted to issues of modern Chinese law on the Internet. While it is intended that the law of the People's Republic of China will be the main focus, postings relating to other Chinese jurisdictions or to Chinese legal history are also welcome. The list owner is Professor Donald C. Clarke, a distinguished Chinese law expert at George Washington University School of Law. Many list subscribers are Chinese law experts. Therefore, this list provides a very good reference forum for Chinese law research. For more information about ChinaLaw List and its archives, please check its homepage at

China Law Digeset

The China Law Digest is a monthly publication on the Internet,  which offers the latest news on legal developments and judicial reform to domestic and foreign subscribers interested in Chinese legal issues. Its Chinese version is at The online subscription is free for this publication.

CEILaw: CEI Chinese Law and Regulation

This website is hosted by the State Information Center, a Chinese central government agency. The contents are in Chinese but some laws and regulations have English version as well. It includes two major databases: the National Laws and Regulations Data Bank which is a free and searchable database for Chinese laws and regulations covering from Oct. 1, 1949 to the end of 1997; and the New Laws and Regulations Online Searching which is free for searching, but only subscribers can download the text of laws. The New Laws and Regulations database is updated frequently and includes a list of laws published in last 60 days. The databases include not only Chinese laws and regulations but also cases and judicial interpretations. This website probably is the most reliable place to search and retrieve Chinese laws and regulations on the Internet.

Chinese Foreign Trade and Investment Rules and Policies

This collection of Chinese rules and policies related to foreign business is a part of official website of the Ministry of Commerce of the PRC. The titles of the promulgation bodies of these rules and policies are translated into English and some of these rules and policies are translated into English in their full-text.

China Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Gazette in Chinese

China Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Gazette is a weekly publication published by the Ministry of Commerce of PRC to publish the Chinese national and local laws, regulations, and policies related to Chinese foreign trade and investment. The table of contents of the Gazette are also available in English at

This is website was started by Xie Weidong, a former judge of the People's Supreme Court in 2000 and is now a unit of the Chinese Society of Behavior Law and the Economic Magazine of Xinghua News Agency. It provides legal news, laws and regulations both in Chinese and English, legal counseling services. 


This website is different from above website ( and has been on the Internet for many years but its host is unknown. This website contains many English Translations of the PRC's laws and regulations on the Internet. It also includes a guide to the PRC's government. However, this is a fee based website. Only the subscribers can access information in full text. But the subject-oriented lists of the laws and regulations can be used for references.


This fee-based website was first launched by Euromoney Publications (Jersey) Limited in 2000 to host the electronic version of its print publications of China Law Reference Services (loose-leaf) and China Law Practice (Magazine). The titles of most Chinese laws and regulations are translated into English although only a few hundreds of Chinese laws and regulations are translated into English. However, this is the most expensive commercial website for Chinese law. It costs $2,700 for one year subscription. The publication was taken over by CCH Asia in January 2003., a newly established website developed by isinolaw Limited for Chinese laws. This site includes two major databases: 1) English translation of Chinese laws published by The Publishing House of Law as The Laws of the People's Republic of China Series, and 2) English translation of selective Chinese cases published by Butterworths Asia as China Law Reports Series. The annual subscription fee for individual is US$3,000 and US$5,000 for institution.

This is another new Chinese law website sponsored by a commercial company. All the information is available in Chinese only.

The Internet Law Center of PKU Law School at offers some news and articles on Chinese Internet issues and publishes an academic law journal on Internet.

The State Intellectual Property Office of The People's Republic of China

This website includes the Chinese laws and regulations both in Chinese and English on patent, trademark and copyright.

Chinese Legal Daily Website

This website includes a list of new laws, regulations, and the judicial interpretations from the Supreme People's Court.

This is website also provides a comprehensive service for Chinese laws and regulations. The website is in Chinese only.

Law, Justice and Legal Services on China Today Website

This site intents to provide information about Chinese law education, law firms, law publications, laws and regulations, economic regulations & decrees legal consulting and services, People's Courts and People's Procuratorate. Some China laws listed here are in English full text.

The Supreme People's Court of the PRC

This is the official website of the Supreme People's Court of the PRC. It includes the judicial interpretations made and promulgated by the Supreme People's Court and some cases.

China Court Website 

This Chinese website is jointly hosted by the Supreme People's Court and the People's Court Daily, which has more information than the website of the Supreme People's Court.

People's Court Daily

This is the website of the People's Court Daily published by the Supreme People's Court. This website is in Chinese.

A List of Chinese Law Firms by Hieros Gamos

Hieros Gamos, one of the most comprehensive legal directories on the Internet, maintains a list of law firms in China.

China Legal Change Ceased in 2002

Published by Legal Support Services Limited and produced by Helpful Information Technology Company of Hong Kong, this web site offers comprehensive and up-to-date summaries of new PRC legislation for English readers. Published twice a month, each issue of China Legal Change includes 3 or 4 free brief summaries of major new legislation. As of 2001 Issue 3 (after 27 issues), the web site included 95 free summaries. A free database search is also available for the public to locate English titles of new legislation. As of 2000 Issue 3, the database included 2735 titles of new Chinese legislation.

Chinese Civil and Commercial Law Net [中国民商法律网]

Chinese Criminal Law Net  [中国刑事法律网]  

Private Law Net  [中国私法网]  

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